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Academic Information
Traditional Undergraduate Student
Undergraduate traditional applicants are currently enrolled in high school, or have earned a high school diploma, or its equivalent, less than five years ago and are either starting college for the first time or transferring in college credits.

Graduate Student
Graduate student applicants have already completed an undergraduate degree and are applying to earn a masters degree, doctoral degree, or graduate level certificate.

Adult Undergraduate Student
Adult undergraduate applicants have earned a high school diploma or its equivalent five or more years ago, and are either starting college for the first time, transferring in college credits, or looking for a second degree or certificate program.

Education Information

To enter your school below, please type at least three letters to begin searching. Please note that you may need to try different variations of your school's name. For example, 
Saint Edward High School may be in the system as St Edward High School. Likewise, words such as "of" or "the" could be omitted. For example, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart may be in the system as Our Lady Sacred Heart. Check that your school's geographic location matches, as well.

If you did not graduate from high school and instead earned a GED, type "GED" in the box below.

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